Hjálmar’s artistic research explores many media including painting, performance art, video art, installation and sound. Since the artist graduated, his art practice is mainly focusing on painting: Hjálmar overlaps images, kitsch textures and colors in order to create a world of its own, radically different from reality but still quoting it in a subtle and humorous way.

Hjálmar Vestergaard Guðmundsson is born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland (1989). He graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Arts of the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2016. His artworks have been exhibited in various galleries and art spaces in Iceland since 2008.

‚I am constantly looking for new textures and sceneries through various media to depict dynamics of the universe thus by referring to human history, scientific visuals and experiments. In my paintings, I create a naïve and childlike world that is influenced by patterns and forms from the microcosmos. I build up my paintings in many layers, it’s a process of adding and destroying textures and symbols, revealing or hiding information.‘